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bullet Size controls
Cardboard sheet size controls
PackMeister Pro is primarily mouse-controlled.

The dimensions of the various components, sheet, item and fill are input by sliding the applicable control to the required setting.
The sliders increment in whole integers, i.e. 1, 2, 3 etc., but by using the up-downs to the right of the slider, the operator can fine-tune the setting in as little as 1/16" or 1mm. increments.

Right-clicking on any up-down control pops out a menu where the user can select the increment range.
In other words, the up-downs will "notch" up or down in fractional values.
This eliminates having to type error-prone decimal fractions of an inch.

Master size range is set by moving the scrollbar.
The scrollbar or "master ruler" controls the slider range. Any range can be set; there is no practical upper limit. Any size.

Use low ranges for fast accurate settings.
bullet Cardboard sheet size section
Sheets of corrugated cardboard are available in all sorts of sizes.
Above, the sheet size is set to a 4' x 8' sheet.
If you buy a different size, or want to use an offcut, enter the new size here.
If the sheet size is set too small for the package you want to build, PackMeister Pro will design the package in two pieces.
bullet Item size section
Item size controls

This is fairly straightforward, just set the size of the item you want to pack.

Measurement increments can be set from 1/16" to 1" (in 16th's) or from 1mm. to 1 cm. (in mm) by right-clicking on any up/down control.

The range of measurement is set by moving the scrollbar left and right.

*if the length is the longest dimension, the dialog displays "vertical".
- if the width is set to the largest dim., the dialog displays "horizontal".

These dialog messages, together with the on-screen 3D model confirm the orientation settings as the design process proceeds.
bullet Fill section
Fill controls

Enter the amounts of protective "cushioning" you intend to use.
All surfaces can be padded independently, or set all thicknesses uniformly by scrolling the fill master scrollbar.

For more on item layout, package aspects and orientation, click here

Item orientation influences shape of layout and amount of material required.
Sheet orientation influences choice of cutting layout and material cost.

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