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Print preview - labels 1, 2 & 3 selected
(Print preview)

Layout: 3 labels selected

corresponding layout view

Zooming in and out
You can zoom the preview in or out with the mouse.
  • left-click: Zoom in
  • right click: Zoom out
In the upper left corner of the screen, you'll see the printer icon.
  • printer icon   printer icon

    click the printer icon to print the labels.
    Switch on the printer and set the printer to "landscape".
    (if it isn't already selected)

    Shipping labels will print on either 8-1/2" x 11" or A4 size paper depending on which paper size is commonly used in your country.

Printer Calibration
(calibration screen)

In most cases, the labels created for your Return Address Labels will print with the correct registration - however, some printers could be out of adjustment and might print the labels slightly off-register.

To compensate for any mis-registration, you can fine-tune the position and spacing of the sheet of labels.

To change any of the default settings, first uncheck the "Locked" checkbox in the lower left corner of the screen.
(PackMeister will automatically relock and save the new settings when you close the window.)

The four adjustment sliders are:
  • Left Margin Adjustment - Moves all labels to the Left or Right of the page.
  • Top Margin Adjustment - Moves all labels Up or Down the page.
  • Horizontal Spacing Adjustment - Increases or decreases the Horizontal spacing.
  • Vertical Spacing Adjustment - Increases or decreases the Vertical spacing.
Example:  Printer prints the labels a little too low on the page and the right hand column of labels are positioned too far to the right.

Solution: Reduce top margin & reduce horizontal spacing.
Reducing top margin
  • Print a sheet of labels with the default settings.
  • Unlock the sliders and move the Top Margin Adjuster to the -3 position.
  • Close the calibration window and preview the labels.
  • Print a test sheet on plain paper and place it on top of your original printed Avery® Label sheet.
  • With a bright light behind the sheets, view the test print. You should be able to see the original positions through the paper - this will show how much you've moved the Labels up the page.
  • Continue adjusting and printing test sheets until the position is correctly set.
Reducing horizontal spacing
  • Print a new Avery® Label sheet with the correct top margin setting.
  • Move the Horizontal Spacing Adjuster to the -2 position.
  • Preview and print another test print on plain paper.
  • Follow the steps for the previous adjustment using the new Avery® sheet as the template.
* To avoid confusion, complete one adjustment at a time. Once set, Labels will always print in the correct position.

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