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Shipping Labels
(label screen)

PackMeister uses standard AveryŽ Shipping Labels.
  • Package labels print four labels to a sheet, in "Landscape" orientation.
Recommended AveryŽ Label paper type is displayed in the layout window at the lower left corner of the label design screen.
  • North America: 8-1/2" x 11" AveryŽ 5168.
  • Europe and elsewhere using A4 size paper: AveryŽ L7169.
Ask for this paper# at your local office supplier.

Colour coding & printing positions
Each label is colour-coded to show where it will print on the printed sheet
label1 label2 label3 label4

label layout window

label1  always prints at top left of sheet.

label2  always prints at top right of sheet.

label3  always prints at bottom left of sheet.

label4  always prints at bottom right of sheet.

  • At the left side of the screen are three buttons.
  • The button label number will reflect the "active" (selected) label.
label3  Label #3 selected

add #3   adds label#3 to print layout.

remove #3   removes label#3 from layout. PRESERVES address information.

clear #3   removes label#3 from layout. ERASES address information.

Creating a new label
Choose the label you want to use by selecting the label tab at the top of the screen.
label1 label2 label3 label4

label #3's address panel
  • Type the "ship to" name and address.
  • Press "Add Label #"
  • Check the label is selected to print (label colour icon displayed in print layout window)
#3 label layout Label 3 selected to print
  • Repeat process to add additional labels.
  • When all required labels appear in layout window, hit "Preview"

Selective printing
Labels can be printed individually; the layout window displays whether or not the label prints.
  • Colour code present, it prints.
  • Not present, not printed.
#2 label layout Labels 1 and 3 selected to print

Using selective printing, you can make best use of the AveryŽ label paper.
No need to print an entire sheet of labels when you only need one - simply print and peel the printed label and the next time you need just one label, print it on the partially used sheet in another position. No more wasting expensive label paper!

Editing all four labels at once
To add, remove or clear all four labels, press:

add all   adds all labels to print layout.

remove all   de-selects and removes all labels from layout. Preserves addresses.

clear all   de-selects, removes and clears name and address on all labels.

Copying labels
(copy screen)

When you need more than one address label for a particular project, you can select an already completed label from the group and copy the text to another label (or labels). Select the  copy tab  tab to access the copying functions.

The copying action erases all previous text on the "copy to" label and replaces it with the text from the "copy from" label.
  • Column on the left sets the "source" label (copy from).
  • Column on the right sets the "destination" label (copy to).
Select a label to copy from and a label to copy to.
  • Click "Copy Label" to copy or "Reset" to choose again.

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