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bullet  packing breakables
Loetz vase

Fragile and valuable:

Loetz Art Nouveau
glass vase

Packed from start to finish in 30 minutes using PackMeister pro
bullet  step by step
This is a fairly easy object to package, as it's sort-of "tube-shaped" already.

Vase measures 15" high by 6" wide.

Begin by wrapping the vase in a layer or two of bubblewrap and taping it up.

Get out your measuring tape and measure the wrapped vase.
The bubblewrap will have added an inch or so to all dimensions.

This is the item size we enter into PackMeister.
Go to the "design console" and:
  • enter the item dimensions.
  • give it 3" padding on the sides
  • and 2" padding top and bottom
Press Design.
  • Press Model to get a visual of the proportions.
  • Press Plan.
  • Give the project a unique name - Loetz silver overlay vase?
  • Print the drawing.
making up the tube
Cut a strip of stiff SWC cardboard to height and long enough to wrap around the vase a couple of times.

Set the bubblewrapped vase in the center of the strip and roll the cardboard around it until it forms a tube.

Tack the overlap with tape to keep it in shape.

Sandwich the vase in the middle of the tube, so there's 2" of empty space above and below the vase.

Fill the top cavity with peanuts.

Tape over the open top end of the tube to hold the peanuts in place.

So the vase has an equal amount of protection at top and bottom, the vase has to be in the middle of the tube.

Make sure that the vase hasn't moved down from center and pack the bottom the same way.

Place the tube in the center of the outer box and fill all remaining cavities with peanuts.

Close the top flaps and tape up the box.

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